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Moving and shutting down…

I have moved to Once again on the move…too many blogs all over the place.  I have officially and successfully moved everything into one place.  I will now only be writing at my new blog so all the good stuff … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs (pt. 1)

This past week I finally got around to reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson while laying out on the beach with my family.  While my wife and her family were reading the summer’s hot literary trends or a slew … Continue reading

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Bullying: It’s not just a buzz word

It seems that today the new buzz word in education – believe it or not – is bullying. School bullying (be it cyber or face-to-face) is a trending topic in most schools.  I know some local schools in my district have … Continue reading

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Stop yelling and think about it…

Recently, a local school district decided that high school students should receive no grade less than a 60 for each quarter.  According to the county’s Superintendent, Frank Till, “the whole idea was to not fail students early in the semester and … Continue reading

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Slush Happens and A Personal Confession

Many first year teachers enter their new classroom with a newly acquired skill set and the drive to change the face of education one student at a time. Then…(insert dramatic, 10 second musical interlude) They run into what I like … Continue reading

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Academic Punishment

We all know a teacher who punishes students academically because of a poor behavioral choice.  I will never forget in 11th grade when I was writing a paper for my English class, I turned in a final copy and had cited … Continue reading

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A Huge Loss for North Carolina Education

A few weeks ago, the North Carolina’s General Assembly overruled Governor Perdue’s veto of the proposed state budget.  With that veto overruling, it was a sad day for North Carolina’s educational future.  Many educational budgetary items were cut and some … Continue reading

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