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Stop yelling and think about it…

Recently, a local school district decided that high school students should receive no grade less than a 60 for each quarter.  According to the county’s Superintendent, Frank Till, “the whole idea was to not fail students early in the semester and … Continue reading

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Academic Punishment

We all know a teacher who punishes students academically because of a poor behavioral choice.  I will never forget in 11th grade when I was writing a paper for my English class, I turned in a final copy and had cited … Continue reading

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What happened to the ‘A’?

For years, students have received letter grades assessing the material they have learned throughout the year.  In theory, each letter grade indicates the amount of knowledge learned.  (I think it goes without saying that it’s a flawed system that is … Continue reading

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The Grading Battle: Homework

As my school ends its current year and begins a new one, a major topic of discussion has been grading.  We have been tasked with creating departmental/PLT-wide grading systems.  This way students – no matter what team – will be … Continue reading

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