About the Author

Coolhand-ED Education

The author of this blog, Luke Miles, recently graduated from NC State University with a degree in Middle Grades Education with concentrations in English Language Arts and Social Studies.  Luke currently teaches at a year around school in Raleigh, North Carolina and is a 7th grade Social Studies teacher as well as the athletic trainer.

Luke constantly looks for ways to become a better and more effective educator and strives to make sure his students leave his class as 21st century learners able to seek out information and learn for themselves in an ever-increasing digital world.  Constantly learning and teaching, Luke loves to incorporate technology to enhance student learning and increase student achievement. He was recently selected as First Year Teacher of the Year at his school and was a finalist for the district-wide award.  Luke just recently got married to another teacher who also happens to teach at the same school!  (They knew each other way before they started teaching together.)

While teaching/education is his passion and will be the primary subject matter of my posts, there may be other topics from time to time that shift the focus of this blog.  Enjoy!

Please feel free to contact Luke through twitter (@Lhmiles2) or email (Lhmiles2@gmail.com).


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