A Huge Loss for North Carolina Education

A few weeks ago, the North Carolina’s General Assembly overruled Governor Perdue’s veto of the proposed state budget.  With that veto overruling, it was a sad day for North Carolina’s educational future.  Many educational budgetary items were cut and some of those are huge losses.  Below are a few the items cut from next year’s budget.

  • NC Science Olympiad    
  • Teaching Fellows
  • Teacher Academy
  • Teacher Cadet Program

Not to mention the hundreds of jobs eliminated throughout the state and the additional $500 taken away from per pupil spending for the next academic year.  It is a tough break for North Carolina’s educational future, its teachers, and its students.  While I do not envy having to make those type of decisions in this economic climate, I have to think there were better/smarter options especially with the national spotlight honed in on education.  We know education is key, but with these budget cuts we are putting our children at risk and doing them a disservice.

Both my wife and I received the Teaching Fellows scholarship, and I have worked closely with a couple of teacher cadets this past year, who even as high schoolers are very passionate about teaching.  These two programs — along with many others — have helped to inspire, promote, and encourage young people to become teachers in an era where the teaching profession has received some bad PR.  The programs were working well and in many places were incredibly popular and successful.  Why cut programs that were directly shaping and impacting North Carolina’s educational future?

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