I'm Teaching Paperless (for as long as possible)

I finally have a direction to take with this blog.  I never really knew what to write, and I always struggle with writing something original.  Many times, I felt I could have just posted  “Ditto” and linked to one of the many great blogs that I follow.  It’s hard trying to come up with content for my blog, but then I got it!

The other day at my school, I was sitting in on a budget meeting.  And just like any other business (and most schools), we have to cut our budget by a sizeable amount.  It was overwhelming to see how much we have cut over the past few years.  One budgetary item that stuck out to me was how much money we spend on paper each year.  Last year, we spent roughly $15,000 on paper.  Now that is a lot of money, a lot of trees, and a lot of paper.  To justify the amount just a bit…we are a year-around school with 25% more students than most middle schools.  However, I acknowledge that $15,000 is a lot of $$$$ that we could be spending elsewhere. 

So I am on a mission!

I am going to teach paperless and blog about my successes and my failures.  Let me lay out for you guys how I see this mission unfolding…

1) I vow to try and use ZERO paper for as long as possible unless certain modifications, legalities, and special needs arise.

2) I vow to blog about my expedition every week and share my findings (both good and bad) with my PLN.

3) I vow to not let my new found mission interfere with my students willingness to learn.  (Meaning…if I can’t figure out a way to teach without paper, then by golly, I’m gonna use paper).

4) I vow to keep a running count of every piece of paper I use in the classroom even the ones that I have to use for special circumstances.

Well here I go.  One less ream of paper at a time…


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